Book Review: Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag
4 Stars , Fiction / November 26, 2010

I got this book for free. My rating for Deeper Than the Dead – 4 Buy Deeper than the Dead from* More books by Tami Hoag* About: “Deeper than the Dead” by Tami Hoag (website | Twitter)  is a fictional thriller set in 1985, before computers, forensics and a cell phone was as big as a brick (and weighed just as much).  The book follows an FBI agent who is following a killer in a small town in California. Thoughts: “Deeper than the Dead” by Tami Hoag is a  compelling, well written, fast paced thriller. If you are a child of the 80’s (as I am) you’ll get a kick out of all the “Miami Vice” and other pop culture references. The book’s investigative team uses old fashion technology and hard work to attempt and solve a crime.  That approach might seem strange and antiquarian but I still remember those days where a computer in your house was a luxury…and that was a Commodore 64.  There are no DNA tests, computer records, fingerprint matches are still done manually and the science of profiling is just starting to catch on as legitimate. The book is deliciously suspenseful, surprising and the…

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