Guest Post: 7 Great Ways To Write Dialogue
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / May 19, 2020

Want to make sure that your characters’ dialogues make sense in your story? Are you receiving feedback saying that the dialogue is either awkward or unrealistic? Well, you’re not alone. All writers want to make dialogue more realistic and believable. With countless books and websites on writing fiction, chances are you’ll come across a section dedicated to dialogue. However, we’ll give you a run-through on dialogue, with seven easy tips that you can use as a quick reference guide. Don’t Use Dialogue For Exposition “Many readers find exposition dumping annoying,” says Francis Acosta, creative writer at Study demic and Writing populist. “Sure, they want to learn about the characters and situations, but they don’t want to be bored to tears with a character spewing out exposition like it’s nothing. Your characters will only be wooden and robotic, and your story too transparent.” Some common examples of exposition dumping in dialogue are: Characters saying things like: “As you know, [character name] is doing [this], because of [what happened prior to when this dialogue took place] …” Characters giving readers far more information than necessary. “Your best bet is to not overexplain something,” adds Acosta. “Only use exposition in dialogue if it…

Guest Post: 5 Tips for Writing Best-Sellers
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / April 23, 2020

Writing a novel is certainly no mean feat – it takes a lot of time, effort, and a good deal of determination, too. Whether you are writing your first novel, your tenth, or just thinking about an idea you’ve had and whether to turn it into a book or not, you may be wondering what makes a novel a ‘best seller’. That is, what is it that catches readers attention and causes them to buy and love your book? What are the characteristics of a best-selling novel plot – if any? We’ve collated some of the most common signs of a best-selling novel for you here, so you can think about what to include (or what not to include) in your next story! Image from: Stay away from the Freytag Pyramid Plot Structure Surely we all remember the plot diagrams we had to draw in English class in school – you know, the ones where the story starts with an exposition, rises with rising action, peaks with a climax, and then has a falling action and resolution. Whilst these plot structures work well for children’s books, they’re probably not the best option for your novel in today’s publishing environment….

Guest Post: How to Save on Your Favorite Novels
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / April 9, 2020

Book addicts across the nation know just how expensive keeping up with their hobby can be. This is especially true if they are constantly wanting to catch up on the latest releases, for book clubs or just their own personal preferences. Books that make the New York Times bestseller list often go for upwards of $20 for several months, leaving budgeting biblophiles itching to get their hands on a great novel for months until the price drops. But they don’t need to watch prices at their favorite book stores anymore. There are plenty of options available for even the least tech-savvy book lovers to buy the latest novels for under market price. Many online vendors sell electronic, audio and used versions of well-loved books for a fraction of the price (and will even deliver them to your door as well). But where should you get started to make sure you are getting the best deal? That’s the question Coupon Chief aimed to answer when they put together their guide to budgeting for book lovers. With lists of top merchants to save at and an infographic of reading options available to you no matter where you are, their article covers everything…

Guest Post: Edgar Allan Poe: The Fall of the House of Usher Examined by Ren Zelen
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 2, 2020

Central to this story is that fact that Roderick and the Lady Madeline are twins, this suggests that when he buries her, he hopes that death will somehow separate them. However, this act of division between the living and the dead merely culminates in the Fall of the House of Usher. When Roderick tries to rid himself of his twin half, he is, in effect, signing his own death warrant. 

Guest Post: 5 True Ray Bradbury’s Predictions about the Future Technologies
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / February 14, 2020

Ray Bradbury is one of the science fiction pioneers who cleverly envisaged a brand new world and its reliance on cutting-edge technologies. In his famous dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 – published way back in 1953 – Bradbury predicted a wide range of high-tech phenomena that turned out to be true a few decades later. A lot of things we see and use on a daily basis may seem common and familiar in 2020, but the situation was totally different some 70 years ago. So, what is it that Ray Bradbury talked about back then? Here is the list of five true Ray Bradbury’s predictions about future technologies. Social networking Do you know that over three billion people worldwide use social networks such as Facebook and Instagram? Social networking is quite a big deal in the 21st century, but guess who talked about it first? You are right – the answer is “Ray Bradbury.” His seminal work describes how people interact with each other through the wall, thus creating a network of digital friends. This is essentially what modern social platforms are all about – making friends and establishing contacts in the digital environment.   Social isolation and alienation Bradbury’s short…

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