Author Q and A with John Connolly
Author Q&A / November 24, 2010

John Connolly (website | Twitter | Facebook) is a best selling author, journalist and radio show host.  I was introduced to John’s work while reading “The Gates” (book review) a supernatural book, completely out of my genre which I absolutely loved. John has kindly agreed to answer a few questions to the Author Q&A feature, his skillful narrative and sense of humor are evident as you will soon see. Q. The Gates introduces very complex scientific theories in simple language.  How did you work out that process? Did you have help? A.Well, I think my journalistic experience helped a little there, as I was used to talking to experts in their field, and then finding a way to make their knowledge understandable to the general reader, whether that was in business, politics, science, or the arts.  In the end, I read an awful lot on the subjects upon which the book touched, particularly physics, and then tried to find a way to make these complex ideas comprehendible without compromising the truth of them, which is always a danger.  Once the draft was done, a lovely academic named Dr Colm Stephens, who is an expert on CERN and teaches at the…

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