Book Review: Kingdom Under Glass by Jay Kirk

I got this book for free. My rating for Kingdom Under Glass – 5 About: “Kingdom Under Glass” by Jay Kirk is a historical fiction – biography tale, set in the late late nineteenth – early twentieth century, about the great taxidermist & conservationist, inventor and sculptor Carl Akeley, his wives Delia “Mickie” Akeley and second wife Mary Jobe Akeley. Akeley is a legend, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of him before this book.  On a jungle expedition he killed a leopard with his bare hands, somehow survived an elephant attach, stuffed Jumbo the elephant for P.T. Barnum, was an acquittance of Teddy Roosevelt, invented a movie camera, used his fame to prompted King Albert of Belgium to create the world’s first wildlife sanctuary in the Belgium Congo (Virunga National Park) and I’m not even going to detail his scientific and artistic achievements. Come on, can you resist a biography of a guy that killed a jaguar with his BARE HANDS? No, then buy it here! Thoughts: Jay Kirk has done the impossible, he made a book about a taxidermist not only interesting, but entertaining as well.  Jay Kirk’s prose is beautifully written, brilliant, smooth and striking, however it is…

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