Book Review and Giveaway: The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury
4 Stars , Fiction / November 10, 2010

I got this book for free. Article first published as Book Review: The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury on Blogcritics. Giveaway: Five (5) hardcover books courtesy of the publisher. Enter below. My rating for The Templar Salvation – 4 About: “The Templar Salvation” by Raymond Khoury is the long awaited fictional sequel to “The Last Templar“.  The Knights Templar existed for more than two hundred years doing the bidding of the Roman Catholic Church.  At some point the knights have fallen out of favor with the  Pope, were hunted down and took their secrets (and some say artifacts) to the grave. What’s so mysterious? Buy the book and find out Thoughts: “The Templar Salvation” is a fast, imaginative page turner which brings back archaeologist Tess Chaykin and her boyfriend FBI special agent Sean Reilly.  This is an enthralling book and I could not find any glaring historical inaccuracies in it, quite the opposite, I thought learned a few things along he way. The book jumps back and forth in time, switching between the story of one of the last Templars and our contemporary heroes.  While the knight is trying to hide the objects of desire, central to the plot, Tess…

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