Banning Books – A Good Idea
Latest Posts , Opinion / September 26, 2011

This week is “Banned Books Week” and I’ve seen a lot of posts against the practice of banning books. As a long time reader I often scoffed at those trying to ban books, however, now that my beloved daughter entered first grade I see things differently. 1 )      Books can give you paper cuts. 2 )      Books can make you angry and sad 3 )      Romance books gives a young, impressionable lady unrealistic view of life 4 )      Mysteries hurt the brain too much 5 )      Paranormal is just … freaky and G-d knows I need my sleep and wake up enough times without being woken up more times than I should. 6 )      Biographies are scary 7 )      History books are boring and really, who needs to know about the past when the future is so bright? 8 )      Stopping to read books will free up some time for her to help around the house (wishful thinking), watch wholesome TV shows and practice her hand/eye coordination with video games. 9 )      Reading can give her the unrealistic idea that life is “fair” and that the good guys actually win. Of course banning books has many other benefits:…

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