Book Review: Beaming Up and Getting Off by Walter Koenig

The book is filled with wonderful, self-deprecating humor (as is expected from any person of Jewish origin), wit and charm.  The author writes about his errors in judgement, the regrets he has for the few times (that he wrote about) acting like a “star”, he writes about the business he loves with a wink, but sadness of someone who has been through the wringer.

Fun Facts Friday: Joseph Pulitzer
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / April 10, 2020

In the 1890s, after he already owned several papers including the New York World, Mr. Pulitzer got into a headline competition with the newspapers of William Hearst.    Once he believed their headline battle went too far, Mr. Pulitzer backed off.

Fun Facts Friday: Bel Kaufman
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / May 10, 2019

Bel Kaufman (10 May, 1911 – 25 July, 2014) was an American author and educator known for her novel Up the Down Staircase (1964). More Books by Bel Kaufman* Ms. Kaufman, born as Bella, in Berlin, Germany to Russian immigrants. The family returned to Russia where her father became a physician and her mother wrote books under the name Lala Kaufman. The famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem is Ms. Kaufman’s grandfather. In 1922 the Kaufman family emigrated to the United States, where her father practiced medicine in Newark, NJ. Because she couldn’t speak English, the 12 year old Bella was placed with first graders at the public school, however she credits the teacher who helped her learn English in elementary school for her love of English Literature. Putting a 12 year old with first grade students is a disgraceful and distasteful act which could have had a devastating lifetime effect (not a fact, just my take). Eventually Ms. Kaufman graduated from Hunter College, and got a Master’s degree in literature from Columbia University. Ms. Kaufman worked as a high school teach in New York City while writing part-time under the nom de plume “Bel” Kaufman. The author’s first novel, Up…

Book Review: Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer
4 Stars , Fantasy , Fiction , Latest Posts / April 29, 2019

About: Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer is a novel taking place in present day New York City, involving a search for a missing manuscript by Edgar Allen Poe in a hidden world of magic and magical creatures. Mr. Schaefer has wrote several books which deal with the supernatural and the occult. 445 pages Publisher: 47North Language: English ISBN-10: 1542043999   My rating for Ghosts of Gotham – 4 Buy Ghosts of Gotham from* More Books by Craig Schaefer * Thoughts: Reading the description for this book it seems to be right up my alley including books about books (who doesn’t love those?), magic, and an interesting premise. With these high hopes, I was glad that Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer actually did deliver. While the manuscript is a small part of the story, simply meant to drive the plot forward and an excuse to join up some characters, it was still a worthy idea and well executed. New York City, written in a way which reminds me of the grim noir novels, is a perfect setting for the dark forces at work, as well as the personal trauma the protagonists of this story go through. While I…

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