Book Review: How I Learned to Hate in Ohio by David Stuart MacLean
Latest Posts / January 20, 2021

This is a book that’s meant to be discussed, there are many issues which, unfortunately, we see playing out in real time during 2020. The book puts a spotlight on issues none of us want to believe exist, but we know that they do. The story could be told in any small-town, not just Ohio. Could be in New Jersey, California, Texas, or the Dakotas.

Book Review: War of Shadows by Gershom Gorenberg
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / January 13, 2021

The book does a great job to taking a complex, and messy, narrative and shaping it for the reader to understand. It was amusing to read how an obscure, but genius, cryptographer working in a dank room had far reaching consequences on the other side of the world without anyone knowing about it.

Book Review: Wretches of the Trench by J.C. Kang
4 Stars , Fantasy , Fiction , Latest Posts / January 11, 2021

Half-elf Jie, pre-teen analytical genius Tian, and Yuna are on a mission in China’s slums to assassinate a Triad boss. The boss might know of the existence of the Black Lotus clan, their goals, and tactics. There are two unexpected obstacles, a serial killer is on the loose, and Yuna recognizes her birthplace and family.

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