Author Q and A with Bob Ingle
Author Q&A / November 2, 2010

Elections Day Special. The people of New Jersey often wonder where does all the billions of money from the road-tolls go? I came to a conclusion that collecting tolls is simply a time honored tradition.  After all, the New Jersey’s delegates to the Constitutional Convention were late because they stopped to collect tolls, as well as trying to collect tolls from the Continental Army (which prompted an angry letter from General Washington to the New Jersey legislature which resonates as truth to this day). Richard Stockton, the signer of Declaration of Independence from New Jersey, hedged his bets by also signing the a loyalty oath to England.  The only signer to do so (and we named a college after him).  That’s almost like having an elected official being a member of the workers’ union he/she is supposed to negotiate with (according to Bob Ingle’s Blog post “Union Federation Runs Election Boot Camp” New Jersey has five of these, while the other 49 states have nine – combined!). Bob Ingle (Politics Patrol – The Bob Ingle Blog | @bobingle99) has co-authored the New York Times bestseller  “The Soprano State” (buy | review) together with fellow journalist Sandy McClure.  The book is…

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