Book Review: The Pun Also Rises by John Pollack

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Sorry about the puns in this post.

My rating for The Pun Also Rises – 4

“The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics” by John Pollack is a non-fiction book, in which the author tells his-story of puns. Even though this book is short in pages, it is long in content.

  • 240 pages
  • Publisher: Gotham
  • ISBN: 1592406234

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“The Pun Also Rises” by John Pollack is a serious book about a silly subject. Mr. Pollack goes into detail telling us how he won the 1995 O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship, yet neglects to pun-tificate or write at least one Al-a-Gore-y about his experience as Bill Clinton’s speech writer.

After a short history of jokes and a neurological lesson explaining how the mind works, for most of us at least, Mr. Pollack devotes the rest of the book to the history and significance of punning. The book is mostly interesting and is a short read, so I booked it in a day. Mr. Pollack recounts how and why puns went in and out of fashion and tries to explain people’s reaction to puns (groans, etc.).

It could be that trying to make a point, Mr. Pollack fell into the trap of thinking too much (a dangerous pastime). I love puns, I roar at “South Park” while my beloved wife just shakes her head in disbelief, but I certainly don’t think too much about why I laugh. Mr. Pollack brings us about a twelve, or most likely a dozen, definitions of what pun actually is. While we think of puns as simple (“What building has the most stories? The library”) some of them are quite complex and require our brains to go through hundreds of variations before we find the joke (Why was May 4th picked to be the “International Star Wars day”?).

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Besides the famous comedians Mr. Pollack writes Abbott, the author also explores famous literary figures in a Swift manner. He evaluates Shakespeare’s jokes which, even though old, might still get a laugh around the Globe.

This is an entertaining book, Mr. Pollack shows much enthusiasm for the subject and peppers his pages with puns which will make you laugh, or cringe, or most likely both. If you like language or little known facts, this book for you told with pun-etrating humor.

All in all – this book is simply a play on words.
OK, I’m done!

My favorite pun is from The Simpsons:
Prison warden, describing a painting by a convict:
He painted a unicorn in space! What does it breathe?”
Homer: “Air?”
Warden: “There’s no air in space!”
Homer: “There’s an Air in Space Museum.”
So tell me, what’s your favorite pun?


John Pollack loves words and one could tell from the book. He is a former World Pun Champion and speech writer for President Bill Clinton. In the book Mr. Pollack explains the significance of the mighty pun. The author shows the reader how the pun revolutionized the language weaving stories, history, science, culture and literature.

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