Thoughts on: Hell Above Earth by Stephen Frater
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / April 9, 2012

Werner Goering, a United States B-17 pilot during World War II for the Mighty 8th Air Force, had a hurdle to overcome – his uncle is Reich Marshal Hermann Göring, head of the Luftwaffe and Hitler’s second in command. Unbeknown to him, Goering’s co-pilot, Jack Rencher had a standing order from J. Edgar Hoover to kill Werner in-case they got shot down or if he was trying to commit an act of treason.

Thoughts on: No one is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / January 29, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel on Blogcritics. About: No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel is a fictional book taking place during World War II. The book follows a small group of Jewish villagers who lives in a town on a river bank. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one advanced readers copy (ARC) of this book— enter at the end of the post. 336 pages Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover ISBN: 1594487944 My rating for No one is Here Except All of Us – 4 Great price on this book in paper or elec­tronic for­mat through the Man of la Book Affil­i­ate Account Check out this & more World War II books on Man of la BookStore Thoughts: No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel (website) is a very lyrical and poetic book. The story flows, is unique and fascinating. Most of the time I read the book I felt as if I, or the protagonist, were dreaming, however, upon reading the author’s note it turned out that many of the events are based on what Ms.Ausubel’s great grandmother experienced during World War II. The premise of the book is interesting, something I haven’t read yet….

Veterans Day Reading List

As those who follow this blog know that I love books about the military, fiction and non-fiction. In honor of Veterans Day I thought I’d post a list of books I enjoyed over the past year or two about this subject. I assume we all love to read about something which is close to our hearts, whether it’s a place, a feeling or an experience. I know I do. Non-Fiction: Citizen Soldiers by Stephen Ambrose A fas­ci­nat­ing book about the Euro­pean the­ater in World War II, as told by the men on the front lines, not a media hug­ging offi­cer or a dry his­to­rian. Ambrose cap­tures the sense of his­tory from both sides of the fence, sticks to the facts as we know them and keeps his com­ments to a minimum. Command Influence By Robert A. Shaines A cap­ti­vat­ing book in which Mr. Shaines recounts his mem­o­ries as a defend­ing lawyer in the case of The United States v. Lt. George C. Schreiber.  Lt. Schreiber was the appointed scape­goat in a trial for the mur­der of a Korean man (whose real name was never found).  Mr. Shaines, a mil­i­tary attor­ney on the Lieutenant’s defense team, was fight­ing a bat­tle which…

Book Review: Wings by Karl Friedrich
4 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / October 13, 2011

Sally Ketchum came from a poor family of dirt farmers, her mundane life were changed forever once she met a Tex, a pilot who makes his living barnstorming. However Tex died in an accident and Sally enrolls in the Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) program.

At the school, known as Avenger Sally learns to fly planes, large and small, contended with sexism, egoism on part of her commanders and fellow WASP , and high powered Washington lawyers hell bent on shutting the program down.

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