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Fun Facts Friday: Robert Frost
Latest Posts / March 26, 2021

Robert Frost (26 March, 1874 – 29 January, 1963) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet known for many poems including A Road Not Taken,and A Boy’s Will

Excited About Upcoming Non-Fiction?
Latest Posts / July 10, 2012

BAND (Bloggers’ Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees) is a group of people devoted to reading and discussing nonfiction and to promote its nonboringness. Its brilliant! Each month they post a question which other members answer. BAND’s brilliant leader is Kim @ Sophisticated Dorkiness. Check her blog out! The post today is about upcoming new non-fiction books which you are excited about? I do read a lot of non-fiction books, not solely because I don’t like to box myself into a corner, but I do like to learn something…anything … from my reading. One could argue that you cold learn as much from fiction books as you do from non-fiction, but this isn’t what this post is about. I’m always on the lookout for interesting books, the thing is I never know what would I would find interesting, there is no genre or subject. Sometimes I get on a kick, for instance a few years ago I read any book which deals with the American Civil War, then moved on to the Civil War Generals’ biographies, then to the American Revolution, then to simple physics – no rhyme or reason. Without further ado and not in order, here are five books which either…

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