Fun Facts Friday: Robert Frost

March 26, 2021

Robert Frost (26 March, 1874 – 29 January, 1963) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet known for many poems including A Road Not Taken, A Boy’s Will, and North of Boston.

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Fun Facts about Robert Frost:

  1. Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco, CA to William Prescott Frost, Jr., a journalist, and Isabelle Moodi, a Scottish immigrant. The family moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts after Mr. Frost passed away.
  2. The first poem Robert Frost sold was called “My Butterfly. An Elegy”, which was published in the New York Independent for $15 (over $450 in 2021 money).
  3. He was so happy for selling his poem that he proposed marriage to Elinor Miriam White, she wanted to finish college first.
    True to her word, they couple got married after she graduated.
  4. Mr. Frost himself attended Harvard, but he had to leave due to illness.
  5. William Frost, Sr., the poet’s grandfather, purchased a farm in Derry, New Hampshire for Robert and Elinor. The couple worked the farm for nine years, and even though they weren’t very successful the time spent produced many poems which would later propel him to fame.
  6. Elinor and Robert Frost moved their family to Beaconsfield, England in 1912, where he published his first book of poetry, A Boy’s Will a year later, and North of Boston in 1914.
  7. Around 1915, the Frost family moved back to the United States, mostly due to World War I. The family settled in a farm in Franconia, New Hampshire where Mr. Frost wrote, lectured, and taught. To this day the family’s home in Franconia is a nonprofit museum called The Frost Place.
  8. In 1961, Robert Frost was asked to read a poem in John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. Originally he was going to read a poem he had written for especially for the inauguration called Dedication, but was unable to read it due to the bright sun. So instead, the 86 years old poet recited the poem The Gift Outright from memory.
  9. Robert Frost had a life filled with tragedy. His father died when he was 11 years old, his mother and wife died of cancer, he need to commit his younger sister to a mental hospital, his daughter Irma committed suicide and he outlived four of his six kids.
  10. Robert Frost was legendary during his life, and was given frequent honors while still alive. These include 31 nominations and four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry for New Hampshire: A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes (1924), Collected Poems (1931), A Further Range (1937), and A Witness Tree in 1943, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1960, and was named poet laureate of Vermont – among other honors.

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Fun Facts Friday: Robert Frost
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