Fun Facts Friday: William L. Shirer
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / February 23, 2018

William L. Shirer (23 February, 1904 – 28 December, 1993) was an American journalist, author and war correspondent. Mr. Shirer’s best known work is the a history of Nazi Germany titled The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Books by William L. Shirer* 1) As a college graduate, Mr. Shirer worked his way from his hometown of Chicago to Europe on a cattle boat in 1925. He stayed on the European continent for the next 15 years. 2) in 1934 Mr. Shirer was hired by the Belin bureau of Universal Service, owned by William Randolph Hearst. Mr. Shirer said that this moves was going from “bad to Hearst”. 3) As a journalist, Mr. Shirer first came into the public eye during 1940, reporting on the radio on the rise of the Nazi dictatorship. 4) Mr. Shirer was the first reporter that Edward R. Murrow hired for this CBS radio team which became to be known as “Murrow’s Boys”. 5) At first Mr. Shirer felt that his voice was unsuitable for radio. At first print journalists were prohibited from talking on the radio (a policy that both Mr. Shirer and Mr. Murrow found absurd), but CBS changed that policy in 1938. At the time, German…

Giveaway (Over): Jeet Kune Do Basics by David Cheng
Latest Posts / February 22, 2018

This useful and informative book offers a detailed overview of Jeet Kune Do practice while explaining the specific moves readers will need to perfect their techniques. As a foundation, Jeet Kune Do Basics: Everything You Need to Get Started in Jeet Kune Do – from Basic Footwork to Training and Tournaments by David Cheng recalls the origination of Jeet Kune Do — the philosophy, history, and different styles of the martial art. This introduction gives readers an important reference point on how the practice evolved. From there, the book explains how to choose a school, taking readers through their first class including the etiquette and dress requirements. The essential elements of the style — stances, footwork, upper body and lower body techniques, and grappling are all well represented and defined. Building upon this solid groundwork, the book informs readers of the five ways of attack, including the single direct attack, the attack by combination, the progressive indirect attack, the attack by drawing, and the hand immobilization attack. Fighting instructions include the tactical considerations of Jeet Kune Do practice such as defenses, counterattacks, and sparring. The book concludes with a comprehensive list of resources to help students further develop their knowledge of and…

Giveaway (Over): Kung Fu Basics by Paul Eng
Latest Posts / February 21, 2018

Get your training off to a great start—from basic kicks to practice and tournaments—this book is a perfect introduction to kung fu for beginners. It’s everything you need to get started in kung fu! Whether you are considering taking up this martial art, or you’ve already started, Kung Fu Basics: Everything You Need to Get Started in Kung Fu – from Basic Kicks to Training and Tournaments by Paul Eng offers an easy, yet comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know to feel confident and be successful. You’ll learn about: The origins of kung fu—philosophy, history and different styles What happens in a kung fu class—invaluable tips on choosing the right school, getting ready for your first class, and basic training methods The essential elements of the style—stances, footwork, kicks, and hand techniques, with tips on common mistakes and how to get the most power out of each move Drill and conditioning exercises—exercises to compliment your training Practical ways to improve your kung fu technique—traditional teaching advice of Chinese masters Resources—help further develop your knowledge and understanding of kung fu Give­away Give­away ends: February 28, 2018 Winners must have a valid e-mail address US Address Only please Win­ners will have 24 hours…

Fun Facts Friday: Van Wyck Brooks
Latest Posts / February 16, 2018

Van Wyck Brooks (16 February, 1886 – 2 May, 1963) was an American historian, critic and biographer. He is best known for his 1952 studies which chronicled the 19th Century development of American literature titled Makers and Finders: A History of the Writer in America, 1800-1915. Books by Van Wyck Brooks* 1) Mr. Brooks was born in Plainfield, NJ to an upper middle class family. 2) In Van Wyck Brooks: A Writer’s Life by Raymond Nelson, the biographer writes that the young Mr. Brooks was taken on European trips with his parents. In his judgement, he was an already highly educated man by the time he entered Harvard in 1904. 3) As a student, he published Verses by Two Undergraduates, a book of poetry he wrote with his friend John Hall Wheelock. 4) After graduating from college, Mr. Brooks worked as a journalist in England. 5) While working as a journalist, he published his first book The Wine of the Puritans (1908), blaming the English Protestants heritage for America’s cultural shortcomings. He wrote another book on the subject in 1915, America’s Coming-of-Age. 6) In 1936, Mr. Brooks won National Book Award for non-fiction for his book The Flowering of New England 1815-1865. In 1937 he won the Pulitzer Prize in History for the same book….

Graphic Novel Review: Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 3: League of Shadows by James Tynion IV
5 Stars , Fiction , Graphic Novels , Latest Posts / February 12, 2018

About: Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 3: League of Shadows by James Tynion IV. This volume collects issues #950-956 of the Rebirthed Batman Family Team-Up title. 184 pages Publisher: DC Comics Language: English ISBN-10: 1401276091 My rat­ing for Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 3: League of Shadows — 5 Buy Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 3: League of Shadows from* More Books by James Tynion, IV Thoughts: I really believe that Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 3: League of Shadows by James Tynion, IV is one of the best graphic novels I read in the last few years. The team Batman put together of Batwoman (Kate Kane), Azarel, Batwing (Lucas Fox), Clayface (Basil Karlo), and Orphan (Cassandra Cain) is really coming together cohesively and make for an excellent, character driven storyline. This book is focused on Orphan, Cassandra Cain, daughter of assassins who was brought up to be a living weapon, and the new/old Batgirl. Orphan is my favorite character of the new Bat-people lineup, she has a great background story and is an all-around great character. Mr. Tynion has done a fantastic job on this issue, he raised the story and team building to another level. While the book certainly focuses on Orphan, several…

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