Guest Review: Desperation by Stephen King
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 18, 2013

When it comes to science fiction, fantasy, and horror, stories are expected to embrace the absurd of what our imaginations can produce. With talented artistic abilities, an author can put grotesque images in our minds and make us see what he or she does when they write a novel. Stephen King is one such individual with his novel “Desperation” having the ability to allow readers to embrace the absurd and be drawn into a story-line that may seem inconceivable, yet can get our adrenalin pumping anyway. Buy this book in paper or in elec­tronic format* More Books by Stephen King In “Desperation,” we introduced to a demonic element calling itself Tak. This demon of sorts is able to inhabit human hosts but is only allowed a limited time as the host begins to disintegrate. This leaves the create having to find a regular supply of hosts, and creatively possesses a deputy sheriff in order to obtain unsuspecting individuals and detain them for later use. If not for the efforts of a boy who communicates with God, Tak would have succeeding in killing everyone. 1. Characters – One of the most endearing abilities of Stephen King his is ability to write details that involve you in…

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