Guest Post (and free books!): How Do You Decide What to Read? by S.W. Vaughn
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 5, 2013

Many thanks, Zohar, for having me over today! There are millions of readers in the world, and the ever-present question on the minds of each one of them is, “What should I read next?” It’s a hard question to answer in a general sense, because every reader has different influences, interests, and literary turn-offs that tumble around in their reading brains until they all come together, point at a book, and say, “THAT ONE!” I can’t speak for every reader, but I can talk about the various ways I come to my reading choices. I’m betting at least a few of these are pretty common motivations. The Love at First Sight Book I’m in a bookstore, and a pick up a book off the shelf—idly at first. Maybe I liked the cover, or the title, or something about it seems vaguely familiar. I read the back cover, and if I like the description, I open to page one. Then I realize I’ve been standing in the aisle for like 20 minutes reading this book, and there’s no way I’m putting it back. It will be mine! I’ll fight for it if I have to, because I need to read the…

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