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Book Review: Wretches of the Trench by J.C. Kang
4 Stars , Fantasy , Fiction , Latest Posts / January 11, 2021

Half-elf Jie, pre-teen analytical genius Tian, and Yuna are on a mission in China’s slums to assassinate a Triad boss. The boss might know of the existence of the Black Lotus clan, their goals, and tactics. There are two unexpected obstacles, a serial killer is on the loose, and Yuna recognizes her birthplace and family.

Guest Post: Red Eagle: The War Within
Latest Posts / March 14, 2018

The publisher is giving away 3 books – please enter through the rafflecopter form at the end of the post Red Eagle: The War Within By Jens Cromer, Chief Editor at Peachill Buy Red Eagle: The Red Stick War of Alabama from* I’ve always felt like an outsider. Perhaps you’ve felt the same. The poor kid at the rich school, the one who looks different, the one from somewhere else. No outsider has been through travails as tough, however, as those who are of mixed race. Their stories are powerful, often ugly, but above all, their stories are American. When we at Peachill put together our first batch of historical fiction novels, RED EAGLE was a must. Half European, half Muscogee Creek, he was uniquely positioned between the Natives and those of European descent. We remember these sides as mortal enemies—white slaughterers, or savage Indians, to be blunt—but there was also a time when they co-existed in peace. Allow me to state the obvious: it wouldn’t last. This is how Red Eagle came to be. My family history is just the same. Dutch and English citizens, shackled by systemic poverty, were caught stealing, and were banished to the…

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