Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / October 25, 2012

About: Stardustby Neil Gaiman is a fictional book by the master storyteller. I have read the book after watching the excellent movie and enjoyed it just as much.  352 pages Publisher: Harper Language: English ISBN-10: 0380804557 My rating for Stardust – 5   Buy this book in paper or electronic format* More Book by Neil Gaiman Thoughts: Stardust by Neil Gaiman (Web­site | Face­book | @neilhimself), one of the most prolific, successful and finest storytellers of modern times, is a work of fiction about a boy named Tristan Thorn who lives in the curious English village of Wall, a boy who’s in love with a beautiful woman and promises to bring her a falling star they both witnessed. The star falls beyond the wall in Wall, which is the entrance to an enchanted world and the star takes the shape of a girl, instead of a rock. Tristan and the star set out on an adventure, as unlikely road companions, through the faerie realm, trying to get back to Wall and Tristan’s love. Stardust is an inventive fairy-tale reminiscent of the old stories and an imaginative as the best of them; a wonderful, funny and charming book with a sweeping story which is both fresh and original. Each chapter starts with a subtitle…

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