Guest Post: Brad Pitt at the Grocery Store by David Ward-Nanney
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / October 18, 2011

When I look at Brad Pitt, I do not see the handsome rich guy who portrayed Tyler Durden, one of my all-time favorite movie characters. I do not see the man who is fully occupying Angelina Jolie, thereby ensuring the safety of any number of high profile men. I see a man who cannot go to the grocery store without being mobbed. This is my personal nightmare. Until 31 July 2009 it was not possible to Google me. As far as the Internet, a number of old girlfriends, and various government agencies were concerned, I did not exist. This was perfect. My preference is to be left to my own devices, to be left alone. It is one of the reasons I enjoy writing so much. Then I wrote a novel (A Particular Obedience) and was faced with the terrible conflict of wanting my privacy yet not wanting to be ignored. There was no way for me to sell books without my name surfacing on the Internet. I had decided against a pseudonym because writing was simply the best representation of who I am. It would be cowardly to turn away from that identity. So on 31 July 2009 I…

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