Author Q&A with Karl Friedrich
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / October 15, 2011

Karl Friedrich (web­site) wrote the historical fiction Wings: A Novel of World War II Fly­girls (my thoughts). Wings is a wonderful book about the US Army’s Women Air­force Ser­vice Pilot or WASP. Those brave women flew planes for the military around the country providing variety of functions, transport, placement and even target practice. The women of WASP finally got their long deserved acknowledgment by receiving the Congressional Gold Medal (see video at the bottom). Q. How did you come up with the idea to write about WASP? A.  My muses were failure and a blunt acquaintance. I’d written a science fiction novel that didn’t sell; which was fortunate, as I now realize it was just awful. I was sitting in this fellow’s office, bemoaning the world’s lack of taste and intelligence, and he interrupted with the suggestion that I stop whining and write about something I know something about, meaning aviation and America during World War II. We then more or less hit at the same time upon the idea of using the WASP as the basis for a novel. I headed to the Beverly Hills library the following Saturday to begin my research. Q.  Did you get to interview…

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