Author Q&A with Sharon Kay Penman
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / October 3, 2011

Sharon Kay Pen­man (web­site | Blog | Face­book) writes wonderful historical fiction books (and a resident of my home state of New Jersey). I recently read her new novel “Lionheart” (book review) which follows Richard I, or as he is better known Richard the Lionheart through the Third Crusade. I was very happy when she agreed to answer a few questions I had. Q. Did you feel that your prior books about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine naturally build into Lionheart? A. Yes, most definitely.  I’d actually intended to end the Angevin saga with Devil’s Brood, but Eleanor and Richard had other ideas.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were whispering to me in my dreams at night.  Whatever they were doing, though, it worked.  Fortunately for me, my editor agreed that Richard’s story was worth telling.  I always try to make sure that each book is readable as a stand-alone, so Lionheart can be read by those who have not read the trilogy about Henry and Eleanor.  But I was delighted to be able to do a fourth book in my saga about one of history’s most dysfunctional families.  Q. The research for Lionheart is remarkable. …

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