Guest Post: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

About: a young woman lives an ordinary, daily life. She goes at work (“I work in the office,” she explains to those who are interested occasionally), eats pizza from the Tesco supermarket, speaks in a funny old-fashioned manner, is critical to those around her and is a bit out of this world. In general, she is all right.

The book touches literally from the first page: it is clear that it is written with love for people, for their quirks, for the place of living (in this case it is Glasgow). With irony and kindness. Soon it becomes clear that this is not just a cute romance from the category of “giggling” – the heroine is sympathetic and compassionate. There is something to sympathize with: the girl experienced the tragedy (the details of which will be revealed by the end of the book only) and lived in absolute loneliness.

The author says that the idea of the book came to her after reading the real story of a woman who was returning home from work and was silent from Monday evening to Monday morning. Just because she had no one to say a word. Not much is known about Gail Honeyman: she studied French philology at the University of Glasgow, then French poetry at Oxford, and then worked at the University of Glasgow. She became a writer after taking a course in fiction and instantly became famous. Enthusiastic reviews, Costa Book Award, million copies in print – all this is now owned by Gail, who is working on the next novel.

The book has a couple of very cute, typically English allusions: the main character has a scar on her face (hello, Harry Potter), and among her former guardians is the Reed family (hello, Jane Eyre). The heroine herself loves Charlotte Bronte, and she uses the same speed as the great writer used to do.

Drama, happy transformation, touching moments, painful relationships, friendship, kindness, and much more. Anyone tired of the absurdity surrounding the theater is sure to read, and I thought that I would be more careful with the quirks of my eccentric acquaintances. Such people are especially defenseless.

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Melisa Marzett has always been fond of reading let alone she has always wanted to be a writer. Currently working for online text services, she enjoys her writing career. Along with writing as a freelance writer, she travels a lot, sees different places, meets different people and gets to know different cultures.

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