Fun Facts Friday: Edgar Allan Poe
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / January 20, 2012

Yesterday was the birthday of famed author and poet Edgar Allan Poe (museum). Mr. Poe’s stories and poems are classics and he was an interesting person as well. Illustration by Abigail Larson Works by Edgar Allen Poe 1 ) There is a common misconception that no-one knows how Poe died. There are stories about hired henchmen , a brain tumor and more. However, a few years ago Poe’s body was dug up and as it turned out he died of rabies. 2 ) Poe’s Army record has him as “Edgar A. Perry”. 3) For The Raven, one of the most famous or Poe’s works, if not the most famous, he was paid $9. 4 ) Rufus Griswold hated Poe because of a negative review he wrote about one of his works. Upon Poe’s death Griswold wrote an anonymous obituary and later published a false biography. Both the obituary and biography greatly exaggerated Poe’s madness and drunkenness. 5 ) Virginia Eliza Clemm, Poe’s wife, was much younger than him and loved to play on the lawn together. They were married when he was 27 and she was just 13. 6 ) Some say that Edgar and Virginia had a more of…

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