Poll Results – impulse purchase price for eBooks

September 23, 2010

Yesterday I asked a simple question on several reading groups on Facebook and to my Tweeter following: What is your “impulse purchase” price for
an eBook?

The answers were varied and interesting. Some people just plopped a number down, other gave very sound reasoning (“depends on the author” was the most popular). The numbers ran the gamete from $0 to $12.99.

Wow, I wish I had to funds to buy every $12.99 eBook I wanted – good for the person that they can do so.

The median impulse purchase price was $4 with an average of $3.66. However, if I took out the highest ($12.99) and lowest ($0) numbers, the median became $5 while the average was $4.31.

These are interesting results but were just about were I thought they would be. With the prices of eBooks inching up every week, I think this un-scientific and small poll just might reflects a much wider audience of readers.

I have no idea if a book sells more when it’s $3-$4 to be worth it to the publisher to drop the price, but it sure is an interesting question.

By the way, my impulse purchase price is around $4 (and I have to want the book) – what’s yours?
Zohar – Man of la Book
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