Guest Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

February 18, 2014

Last year we all saw a new book by Dan Brown “Inferno”. This time American Professor Robert Langdon again gets to a mysterious story and finds a solution for it, but now in “the Divine Comedy” by Dante.

Book Review Inferno by Dan Brown

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Permanent professor of Dan Brown’s books Robert Langdon finds himself in hospital room in Florence, Italy. The last thing he can remember is that he is going to give a lecture to his students in Harvard campus. Professor has a serious head injury, retrograde amnesia and some suspicious ampoule in the inner pocket. Sienna Brooks, a young hospital worker, who has slim body and supernormal brain, brings Langdon up to date. It is she who saves him from hired killer Vayentha (she was sent by the boss of the criminal Consortium). And Consortium needs to get the ampoule, which Langdon has, at any cost. Their late crazy client ordered to pass the people though the crucible of plague.

“Inferno” is the sixth novel by Dan Brown. He was an ordinary school teacher some time ago, but now he is an author with million fees and editions. All Brown’s texts look like ready scenarios. “Inferno” doesn’t go beyond the Brown’s limits too. In order to make the text more gloomy and sharp Dan Brown understudies the feature topic with the religious one and even mystical.

In fact “Inferno” has gathered all necessary conditions for good edition: cine plot, fashion for medieval, religious theories, Robert Langdon. Filmmakers are going to screen the book and of course it will be interesting to watch. “Inferno” is really interesting, fascinating and worth reading, if you like mysteries, puzzles and unexpected plot twists.

Author: Dan Brown
Country: the USA, the UK
Series: Robert Langdon #4
Publication date: May 14, 2013
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy fiction, Fact fiction
Pages: 480 pages

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