Fun Facts Friday: Naoya Shiga

February 20, 2015

Naoya Shiga (20 February, 1883 – 21 October, 1971) was a short story writer and novelist from Japan. Mr. Shiga’s work was done mainly during the reign of Emperor Taisho (known as the Taishō period) and Emperor Hirohito (known as the Shōwa period).

  1. Shiga grandfather was a samurai.
  2. His family moved to Tokyo when Mr. Shiga was three years old. He was raised primarily by his grandparents.
  3. Shiga mother died when he was 13.
  4. He was banned from participating in a protest over the Ashio Copper Mine pollution of a local river because his father worked for a bank which partly owned the mine.
  5. When Shiga declared his intention to marry one of the family’s maids, she was quickly “removed” from the household.
  6. Shiga started writing stories in literary magazines.
  7. Shiga’s first published book was Otsu Junkichi (1912), in which he wroter about his affair with the family maid. The family was scandalized and forced Shiga to move out.
  8. Shiga married the cousin of his friend, novelist Saneatsu Mushanokōji. She was already widowed and with a child. The couple had two daughters.
  9. It is estimated that Shiga moved 28 times to various locations around Japan during his lifetime.
  10. He was awarded the Order of Culture by the Japanese government in 1949

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