Fun Facts Friday: Inger Christensen

January 16, 2015

Inger Christensen (16 January, 1935 – 2 January, 2009) was a novelist, essayist, editor and poet hailing from Denmark.

  1. Ms. Christensen’s father was a tailor and her mother a cook.
  2. After high-school she moved to Copenhagen.
  3. She studied at first to become a teacher.
  4. The journal Hvedekorn was the first to publish her poetry.
  5. Danish poet Poul Borum guided Ms. Christensen during the time of her first publication, the couple married in 1959.
  6. Ms. Christensen’s taught at the College of Arts in Holbæk for one year before writing full time.
  7. While writing poems, she also wrote novels and short fiction.
  8. Ms. Christensen also wrote for radio, plays and children books.
  9. Fun Facts Friday Inger Christensen
  10. She won many awards and honors for her literature in Denmark, Austria, Germany and Sweden among others. In 1995 Ms. Christensen worn the European Poetry Prize, the America Award in 2001 and the German Siegried Unseld award in 2006.

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