Fun Facts Friday: Erik Karlfeldt

July 20, 2018

Erik Karlfeldt (20 July, 1864 – 8 April, 1931) was a popular Swedish poet, member of the Swedish Academy, and winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Books by Erik Karlfeldt*Books by Erik Karlfeldt*

  • The poet was born Erik Axel Eriksson on a family farm in Karlbo.
  • In 1889 he changed his last name to Karlfeldt in order to distance himself from his father who was a convicted criminal.
  • Karlfeldt is thought to be the name of his father’s farm.
  • He published his first poetry collection in 1895.
  • Karlfeldt taught school to support himself while studying in Uppsala University.
  • After graduating, Mr. Karlfeldt worked for five years at the Royal Library of Sweden.
  • In 1917 he received an honorary doctorate from Uppsala University.
  • Karlfeldt was a member of the Swedish Academy, the Nobel Institute of the Academy, and that of the Nobel Committee.
  • In 1931, the poet was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature posthumously.
  • It is rumored that Mr. Karlfeldt was offered the Nobel Prize in 1919 but declined.

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