Fun Facts Friday: Clement Clarke Moore

July 15, 2016

Clement Clarke Moore (15 July, 1779 – 10 July, 1863) and an American professor of Oriental and Greek Literature and of Divinity and Biblical Learning, as well as a writer.

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By Engraved by J. W. Evans – Making of America,
Public Domain,

1) Benjamin Moore, Clement Moore’s father, was a Bishop in NYC and head of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

2) In 1804 Clement Moore published a pro-Federalist pamphlet attacking the religious views of Thomas Jefferson. This was just before the 1804 Presidential elections.

3) Mr. Moore was a slave owner and opposed abolition.

4) Mr. Moore was an ardent opponent and protested against the development of the street grid as proposed by the government of New York. He thought it was a conspiracy to increase political patronage and appease the working class.

5) Mr. Moore became rich by developing inherited land in what is now known as Chelsea, in New York City

6) Mr. Moore is credited with writing the famous Christmas poem A Visit from St. Nicholas.

7) The poem was published anonymously on 23 December, 1823 in the Troy Sentinel.

8) A friend of Mr. Moore sent the poem to the paper.

9) Mr. Moore did not wish to be connected to the poem due to his public reputation as a serious professor of ancient languages.

10) The publisher had at least seven people acknowledging Mr. Moore as the author.

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