Fun Facts Friday: Christopher Marlowe

February 6, 2015

Christopher Marlowe (6 February, 1564 – 30 May, 1593) was an English translator, poet and playwright.

  1. Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury, his father was a shoemaker.
  2. Born in the same year as William Shakespeare, Marlowe is known to have greatly influenced the famous bard.
  3. Mralowe’s plays were very successful. His play The Jew of Malta was still being performed 50 years after it was written.
  4. One of the main actors in Marlowe’s plays was the tall Edward Alleyn (founder of Dulwich College, successful businessman and owner of theatre as well as brothels). It is thought that Marlowe created the parts of Tamburlaine, Faustus and Barabas especially for him.
  5. On 18 May, 1593 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Christopher Marlowe. We don’t know why, but we believe it is because he has written a manuscript which was considered blasphemous.
  6. It is said that Marlowe was a spy, a heretic a magician, duelist, counterfeiter, homosexual and all round rebel rouser. The truth is that we know very little of what Marlowe was like, and those are all from legal and official documents.
  7. The rumors above were formed because Marlowe had long absences from his teaching job, spent more money than he could afford and was arrested in Holland for being involved in a counterfeiting scheme (no charges or imprisonment were handed down).
  8. On 30, May 1593 Mr. Marlowe was stabbed to death by Ingram Frizer, we do not know if it was connected to his arrest and/or manuscript.
  9. In 2002 a memorial window to Marlowe was unveiled in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey.
  10. In the play As You Like It Shakespeare pays homage to Marlowe by quoting lines form his play Hero and Leander.

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