Fun Facts Friday: Laurence Binyon
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 10, 2018

Laurence Binyon (10 August, 1869 – 10 March, 1943) was a poet, dramatist and art scholar from England. Books by Laurence Binyon* Binyon won the Newdigate Prize for poetry in 1891 – he was still studying at Trinity College, Oxford at the time. After graduation in 1893, Mr. Binyon got a job at the Department of Printed Books of the British Museum. He was writing catalogues. His wife, Cicely Margaret Powell was a historian. The couple had three daughters. Even though he was too old to server in World War I, the poet volunteered at a British hospital for French soldiers. After the war ended, Mr. Binyon returned to the British Museum and published several books on art. After retiring from the museum, Mr. Binyon continued doing academic work including a Professor or Poetry sting at Harvard University, giving lectures in Oxford and being appointed the Byron Professor of English Literature at the University of Athens. During the years 1933 – 1943, Mr. Binyon published a translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy to rave reviews. The poet wrote The Burning of the Leaves, a long poem about the London Blitz during World War II. For many, this poem is regarded as his…

Book Review: America for Beginners by Leah Franqui
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 7, 2018

About: America for Beginners by Leah Franqui is a novel which follows a mother from India, traveling to the United States in search of her son. This is Ms. Franqui’s first novel. The publisher is giving away one (1) copy of this book – enter via the rafflecoper form at the end of the post. 320 pages Publisher: William Morrow Language: English ISBN-10: 0062668757 My rating for America for Beginners – 5 Buy America for Beginners from* More Books by Leah Franqui Thoughts: As someone who loves to travel and loves road trips, I picked up America for Beginners by Leah Franqui since I not only love to do so, but also love to read about and especially from an outsider’s perspective. I read this book a week before I took the family on vacation, and was surprised to see some of the places we were going to visit in the next week mentioned (Niagara Falls and the wonderful Corning Museum of Glass). One of the things which jumped at me, and that I noticed over the years, was that Indian tourists love to eat at Indiean restaurants, which I find strange. Part of traveling, for me, is to enjoy…

Graphic Novel Review: Shazam! The New Beginning #1 by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas
3 Stars , Fiction , Graphic Novels , Latest Posts / August 6, 2018

About: Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas (art by Tom Mandrake) is a graphic novel which retells the origins of Shazam. This graphic novel was originally published in 1987. My rat­ing for Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 — 3 Buy Batman – Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 from* Thoughts: My daughter took out the graphic novel Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas (art by Tom Mandrake) from our local library – she never read it, but I did. This is a bit darker version of Shazam, which I liked but felt the book, as a whole fell a bit short. I did not know what to expect from this graphic novel, I’m not a big Shazam fan (never was), but I did enjoy Alex Ross’ interpretation in the magnificent Kingdom Come. The art by Tom Mandreake was very good, as a whole it brought more enjoyment from this reboot. Overall this was a noble effort, especially on an origin story which is always difficult to re-tell. While I like the gritty versions of superheroes, this one didn’t work for me – maybe because it involved a young boy. Buy Batman – Shazam! The…

Fun Facts Friday: Leon Uris
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 3, 2018

Leon Uris (3 August, 1924 – 21 June, 2003) was an American author who is mostly known for his two historical fiction books Exodus and Trinity. Books by Leon Uris* The author was born in Baltimore, MD – son of a Polish immigrant. His father, Wolf William married Anna Blumberg, a first generation Russian American. It is said that at age six Mr. Uris wrote an operetta about the death of his dog. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Uris, then 17, joined the Marine Corps. He served in the South Pacific and saw combat in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. The young Marine fell ill with dengue fever and malaria. While recuperating in San Francisco he met Betty Beck, a Marine sergeant. They were married in 1945. After he got discharged, Mr. Uris worked at a newspaper while writing. His novel Battle Cry, depicting the Marines in the Pacific, was a best seller. Uris helped write the script for the movie which was a crowd favorite. In 1958 Mr. Uris published Exodus, which went on to become his best known novel. In order to finance the book, Mr. Uris sold the rights to the movie in advanced, and wrote newspaper articles…

Kiva – July 2018 Repayments
Latest Posts / August 2, 2018

It has been awhile since I posted on the micro-loans I make through Kiva. That does not mean I have stopped or forgotten about it, just pure laziness – that’s all. My loans are coming back nicely, so far only one is delinquent, but is paying it back. I will be able to make two new loans soon. Click here to donate yourself 89% repaid Nicola Repaid Jul 17 Israel / Retail Paying back $22.26 of $25.00 repaid 34% repaid Rosendo Repaid Jul 17 $2.31 Bolivia / Agriculture Paying back delinquent $8.54 of $25.00 repaid 67% repaid Anita Repaid Jul 22 $0.70 United States / Technology Paying back $16.67 of $25.00 repaid 43% repaid Henry Alexander Repaid Jul 17 $1.61 Ecuador / Mobile Phones Paying back $10.76 of $25.00 repaid Click here to donate yourself

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