Fun Facts Friday: William Morris
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / March 24, 2017

William Morris (24 March, 1834 – 3 October, 1896) was a poet, novelist and translator from England. More Books by William Morris* 1)      Mr. Morris’ day job was a textile designer and is credited for being a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts as well as production methods. 2)      He was a trained architect. 3)      In Oxford University Exeter College, Mr. Morris studied the classics and was influenced by medievalism. 4)      Jane Burden and William Morris married in 1859. 5)      Philip Webb, the famous English architect, helped Mr. Morris design a family home named Red House. 6)      Mr. and Mrs. Morris designed all the interior of Red House themselves. The project took about two years. 7)      The couple was so happy with their work, they started their own fine art craft company called Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. They produced handcrafted tableware, furniture and wallpaper. 8)      Mr. Morris specialized in wallpaper patterns inspired by the natural world. 9)      The best poems Mr. Morris wrote are those that were influenced by Icelandic sagas. 10)   Kelmscott Press, a publisher set up by Mr. Morris, was known to publish books with beautiful illustrations. More Books by William Morris* Zohar –…

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