Fun Facts Friday: Judith Rossner
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / March 31, 2017

Judith Rossner (31 Mzarch, 1935 – 9 August, 2005) was an American writer with several best sellers. Books by Judith Rossner* 1)      Ms. Rossner was born in The Bronx as Judith Louise Perelman. 2)      After college, the author married Robert Rossner. The couple had two children. 3)      Even though she wasn’t able to sell short stories to women’s magazines, she did manage to publish a children’s book, What Kind of Feet Does a Bear Have?,  in 1963. 4)      Her first novel, To the Precipice (1966) was written when she was “bored out of her mine” being a real estate agent. 5)      Mrs. Rossner wrote an article for Esquire magazine about Roseann Quinn, 28, who was brutally murdered in January 1973, reportedly by a man she met at a singles bar. 6)      Esquire did not publish the article fearing legal issues, but Mrs. Rossner turned her research into the novel Looking for Mr. Goodbar, her first best seller. 7)      The novel Emmeline, 1980, was her only novel based on a historical woman and not set in contemporary times. 8)      The author was very ill with viral encephalitis, but the diagnosis was late because she thought she was suffering from psychosomatic symptoms due…

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