Thoughts on: The Dump by Peppe Arninge
5 Stars , Latest Posts / June 9, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: The Dump by Peppe Arninge on Blogcritics. About: The Dump by Peppe Arninge is a photo book with a series of haunting images in black and white. The photos are taken around Cambodia’s garbage dumps and evoke powerful feelings. 78 pages Publisher: Publicera Publishing Ltd Language: English ASIN: B0076I642W My rating for The Dump – 5 Buy this book in paper (from or Kindle format or PDF Thoughts: When I was contacted by Mr. Arminge to read The Dump it took me some time to agree. Photo books are not really my forte (a good argument could be made that no books are actually my forte…but we’ll leave that alone). After doing some research and reading Mr. Arninge’s resume and portfolio, I decided to have a look. The book shows some of the extraordinary photos Mr. Arninge took in Cambodia, it is an important historical document and a painful way to drive home a point. Seeing children digging through trash, fighting day by day other children, adults, rats, dogs and disease for a few scraps is heartbreaking. I have been witness to several acts of evil us human beings are capable of over the years – but cruelty against children…

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