The Problem with Bookstores
Latest Posts , Opinion / December 17, 2011

Image from A whole lot of hoopla has been raised the past two weeks with Amazon’s strong arm tactics giving $5 off any product you scan with your smart phone in a brick and mortar store, the Slate article which justified it and a whole bunch of others which didn’t. While I agree with some things in the article, I don’t agree with the spirit of it, but that’s another issue. I have been an Amazon customer for many years, to be honest I don’t have much to complain about. I get my orders in a reasonable amount of time, the price is good and the selection is unbelievable. What can I say, I love the ability to buy any book that was ever published at a reasonable price. I am also all for supporting your local businesses I, selfishly, also like to eat and have a roof over my head as well as give my children the holiday present they’ve been craving. Yes, Daddy will turn on the heat. But just for one day! Happy Holidays!! Enjoy!!! That being said, I cannot possible pay twice the price for a hammer at Mr. Cunningham’s Hardware Store than I would…

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