BookTalk: What Would You Gift Your Favorite Literary Character?
Latest Posts / December 14, 2011

A recent #booktalk question posted by Huffington Post Books (@HuffPostBooks) was: what gift would you give to your favorite book character, or the author who wrote that book? I answered off the top of my head and the good folks at Huffington Post Books (one of my favorite bookish sites) chose to include your humble servant in their article. Thank you Huff Post – ’till we tweet again. Zohar – Man of la Book

Dumb is Cool, It Starts Early – A Venting Post
Latest Posts , Opinion / December 14, 2011

I am very proud of my son (4.5) and daughter (7). They are both wonderful children. This year my daughter started first grade and she took on reading like a hurricane, she even participated in an Author Q&A segment on her old man’s blog. In four short months she went from reading books with three words on a page to reading chapter books. Both my wife and I are amazed and are thankful for her wonderful teacher as well as content in seeing our labor (we take homework very seriously in our house) bearing fruits. This has been a tough year and the way our daughter is loving her school, teacher and classmates as well as being popular is one of the brightest spots in our lives currently. Yesterday my wife picked up our daughter and her friend from school. Our daughter proudly opened up a book and her friend made a nasty comment. Of course my wife intervened immediately but that has gotten me thinking (a dangerous past time…). Something really has to be done to make “smart” cool. I remember in my high-school when someone readily admitted to getting a “D” but the “A” students were embarrassed to…

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