Guest Post: 10 Ways to Make Friends in a Writing Workshop by Michael Schiavone
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / November 5, 2011

1 ) Arrive half-cocked with a thermos full of Southern Comfort 2 ) Bring a pet, ideally a possum. 3 ) Preface all your critiques with “Although I haven’t read your story…” 4 ) Speak with an Australian accent. 5) If stuck for story, pass off “To Build a Fire” as your own. 6 ) Remove your shoes and socks. 7 ) Refuse to run spell-check. 8 ) Insist on unreliable narrators, preferably unicorns. 9 ) Include gratuitous sex whenever possible. 10) At the end of workshop, light up a cigar. Michael Schiavone Author Biography Michael Schiavone has been writing professionally since 2000. An accomplished short story writer, his work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and been recognized by dozens of award programs, including multiple wins in the Glimmer Train award series for short fiction. After graduating from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, Michael worked as a stockbroker in San Francisco and Boston during the late ‘90’s dot-com boom. Following that bubble’s burst, he tended bar in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently Michael works as a day trader and emergency medical technician on Massachusetts’ North Shore. He plans to earn his paramedic license by 2013. When not writing, Michael practices mixed martial arts…

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