Author Q&A with Steven Saylor
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / November 3, 2011

Steven Say­lor (web­site | Face­book) is a well known historical fiction author whose books about ancient Rome are not only entertaining, but well researched and enlightening as well. His book Roma (my thoughts) was superb and I’m looking forward to read more.  I was very happy when Mr. Saylor agreed to answer a few questions for me. Q. Why did you set your books in ancient Rome? A. I could give a long, intellectual reply, but I like brevity with which my fellow author Mary Willis Walker once answered a similar question, about why she wrote murder mysteries: the prurient interest! For mysteries set in ancient Rome, that goes triple, thanks to the juicy material the sources supply in such abundance. From the character-assassinating speeches of Cicero to the erotic poetry of Catullus to the genocidal warfare described by Caesar to the scandal-packed biographies of Suetonius, the source material is pure page-turning gold. Q. Do you tailor your plot to the historical event or try to fit the event within the plot? A. The story always arises from the source material, and I never jimmy the historical details to fit my own plot. But I do work freely within the gaps…

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