Fun Facts Friday: Dr. Watson
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / July 8, 2011

Today, August 7 is the birthday of the fictional character Dr. Watson. Created by Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr. Watson became almost as famous as the protagonist, Sherlock Holmes. 1) Full name John Hamish Watson, M.D born July, 7 1852. 2) Arthur Conan Doyle, a physician by trade as well, died on July 7, 1930 3) Watson attended the University of London Medical School and worked worked at St Batholomew’s Hospital in London as a staff surgeon before joining the English Army in World War I. 4) Coming back from the War, after being wounded, he heard about someone wanting a roommate to share expenses on Baker Street. That was how he met Sherlock Holmes. 5) “Elementary, my dear Watson” is the good doctor’s famous catchphrase. However, he never actually uses that phrase in any of the books. 6) Dr. Watson is the narrator of most of the Holmes books. 7) The good doctor is not only an excellent surgeon and healer, but also described as an excellent marksman with firearms. 8 ) Doyle created Dr. Watson, an ordinary man, to contradict Holmes, the analytical, unemotional machine. 9) Dr. Watson was a precursor to many sidekicks of great fictional detectives such…

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