Book Review: Little Princes by Conor Grennan
4 Stars , Biographies & Memoirs , Non-Fiction / January 25, 2011

Conor Grennan, fresh from a job at Prague goes on a whirlwind world wide trip in 2006. He starts his adventure volunteering for an orphanage called “Little Princes Children’s Home). Turns out the kids are not orphans but victims of a notorious child trafficker which has promised their parents protection from the Maoist revolutionaries. However, more often than not the children end up as slaves.

Tempering with Twain
Opinion / January 19, 2011

None of us are surprised when common sense loses to political correctness – we encounter that almost on a daily base, after all that is what “procedures” and “policies” are for. It has recently been announced that Alabama-based publisher is planning new versions of “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” that will replace the “n” word with “slave” and will remove “Injun” as well – just for good measure. Professor Alan Gribben of Auburn University of Montgomery has came right out and stated that his hope is to make the books more palatable for teachers and as not to offend school children in particular. I understand the Professor’s good intentions, but committing an act which can is the equivalent of literary graffiti in order to impose political correctness upon one of the most politically incorrect authors in American history has already backfired. As far as I know, Huck Finn is read in high-school. Newsflash Professor Gribben – people in high-school are no longer “children”, they are young adults in the US and full fledged adults in most other parts of the world. The last thing these young adults need is a sugar coated past. The past is non-negotiable and Twain’s use…

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