Book Review: The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith
3 Stars , Fiction / October 13, 2010

I borrowed this book from the local library. My rating for The Secret Speech – 3 About: “The Secret Speech” by Tom Rob Smith is the fictional follow up to his engrossing debut book “Child 44” (book review) in which we continue follow the tortured life of MGB agent turned homicide detective Leo Demidov. Hey Comrade…you buy “Secret Speech” now Thoughts: Inevitably this book is compared to its brilliant predecessor which recounts the fictional pursuit of a mass murderer, as well as Leo’s realization that working as a government agent, he might not be the “good guy” in the story of life. This book never achieves that urgency and rush which resonated with “Child 44” but I will try to review it on its own merit. What “The Secret Speech” does achieve is broadening the moral scope of the protagonist, questioning his share of the collective guilt of institutionalized oppression against your own people. Much like the Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev’s secret speech (secret because it was supposed to be heard only behind closed doors) which is referred to in the title and drives the plot, the theme of guilt is played out well together with the absurdity of blindly…

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