Twitter Survey Results: How Long Do You Spend Writing Book Reviews
Opinion / September 14, 2010

Yesterday I asked bookbloggers on Twitter (#bookbloggers) how long do they spend writing book reviews.  As expected the answers were varied and interesting. Prolific blogger kaolin fire (kaolin fire presents , @kaolinfire/) said: “just writing? maybe an hour, if it’s not an antho or collection of some sort; thinking about it? few more hours“. Creative blogger iubookgril (Girl Reads a Book, @bellareads) chimed in as well: “15 to 20 mins usually“, while our resident librarian blogger Mieneke(A Fantastical Librarian, @Pallekenl) takes a bit longer: “About three hours? But I’m a slow writer!“. Inexhaustible blogger iubookgirl (Reader for Life, @iubookgril) also joined the coversation by tweeting: “same here, unless I don’t really like or dislike a book then it might take a little longer to decide what to say“. As for myself (@ManOfLaBook), I average between 30 minutes to an hour, a bit more if a contest in involved.   That’s just writing though, I could think about the review for several  hours, or even days, before I even put a word to screen.   How about you? Zohar – Man of La Book   Related articles: 2010 BBAW – New Book Blogs & Giveaway ( How Challenge Makes Us Better Bloggers…

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