Book Review: How to Sue a Telemarketer by Stephen L. Ostrow, Esq.
4 Stars , Non-Fiction / September 27, 2010

“How To Sue A Telemarketer” (website) by Stephen L. Ostrow, Esq. (and  his alter ego, comedian Ozmo Kramer) is exactly what it sounds like, a non-fiction manual to navigate the courts when you decide to sue telemarketers for disturbing dinner, sleep or any other part of your free time.  I have heard that you can get $500 for every annoying call, but it’s not as simple as filling out a form.  This book shows you the basic steps you need to take in order to get this money. And you will earn the money; there is some footwork involved and expanses as in any lawsuit. 152 pages ISBN-10 : 0615338178 Publisher : AMIGO PRESS Language: English My rating for How to Sue a Telemarketer – 4 Buy How to Sue a Telemarketer* More Books by Stephen L. Ostrow* The book starts with an explanation of the National Do-Not-Call Registry and what it means.  The author talks about how the list came about and, of course, all the loopholes our esteemed leader made sure there are in the legislation. The book is divided into sections which you can follow in order.  This is not your usual dry legal mumbo jumbo, the…

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