Fun Facts Friday: Bessie Head

Bessie Head (6 July, 1937 – 17 April, 1986) is a novelist and short stories writers, considered Botswana’s most influential writer.

Books by Bessie Head*
Books by Bessie Head*

  1. Even though she is considered as a Botswanan, she was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa as Bessie Amelia Emery.
  2. Sadly, her mother killed herself and Bessie was raised by foster parents, and later was put in an orphanage.
  3. The author married Harold Head in 1961.
  4. Head’s occupation was a schoolteacher and a journalist.
  5. In 1964 Ms. Head moved to Botswana with her young son seeking asylum.
  6. It took her 15 years to obtain citizenship.
  7. Most of the author’s stories focused on ordinary people living ordinary life.
  8. Head was awarded the South African Order of Ikhamanga in 2003.
  9. The author died in 1986 from hepatitis, just as she was starting to achieve recognition for her work.
  10. The Bessie head Heritage Trust and the Bessie Head Literature Awards were established in 2007.

Books by Bessie Head*

Zohar – Man of la Book
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