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Book Review: Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer

About: Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer is a novel taking place in present day New York City, involving a search for a missing manuscript by Edgar Allen Poe in a hidden world of magic and magical creatures. Mr. Schaefer has wrote several books which deal with the supernatural and the occult. 445 pages Publisher: […]

Fun Facts Friday: David Hume

David Hume  (26 April, 1711 – 25 August, 1776) was a Scottish philosopher and historian, known for A Treatise on Human Nature (1739-40), Essays Moral and Political (1741-42), Political Discourses (1752), and an exhaustive History of England (1754-62), as well as many others. Works by David Hume* Born as David Home in Edinburgh. His father […]

Book Review: The True Story of the Great Escape by Jonathan F. Vance

About: The True Story of the Great Escape: Stalag Luft III, March 1944 by Jonathan F. Vance is the historical account of the largest prison break during World War II. Mr. Vance is a Canadian author and educator. 392 pages Publisher: Greenhill Books Language: English ISBN-10: 1784384380 My rating for The True Story of the Great Escape – 4 […]

Graphic Novel Review: The Flash, Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice by Joshua Williamson

About: The Flash, Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice by Joshua Williamson (illustrated by Carmine Di GIandomenico) is a graphic novel starting a new story line for the scarlet speedster. This graphic novel collects The Flash: Rebirth #1, and The Flash #1-8.  216 pages Publisher: DC Comics Language: English ISBN-10: 140126784X My rating for The Flash, Vol. 1: Lightning […]

Fun Facts Friday: Anatole France

Anatole France (16 April, 1844 – 12 October, 1924) was a poet, journalist and a Nobel Prize winning novelist from France. Books by Anatole France* Mr. France, a bibliophile, was the son of a bookseller, owner of the bookstore Librairie France. Librairie France was known for books on the French Revolution and was visited by […]

Book Review: Gray Day by Eric O’Neill

About: Gray Day: My Undercover Mission to Expose America’s First Cyber Spy by Eric O’Neill is a non-fiction book following the author’s investigation into the FBI’s most damaging spy. Mr. O’Neill is a cybersecurity expert and a former FBI agent. 304 pages Publisher: Crown Language: English ISBN-10: 0525573526 My rating for Gray Day – 5 […]

Book Review: The Agitator by Peter Duffy

About: The Agitator: William Bailey and the First American Uprising against Nazism by Peter Duffy is a short biography of William Bailey, an American who stood his ground against Hitler’s Germany at a time when the US was solidly neutral. Mr. Duffy is a historian and journalist. 288 pages Publisher: PublicAffairs (March 19, 2019) Language: […]

Fun Facts Friday: Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy (12 April, 1947 – 1 October, 2013) was a prolific bestselling American author known for his espionage books and military-science novels. Books by Tom Clancy* The author was born as Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. in Baltimore, MD, where he grew up. Mr. Clancy’s first novel, The Hunt for Red October, was sold to […]

Book Review: The Ethereal Squadron by Shami Stovall

About: The Ethereal Squadron by Shami Stovall is a fantasy novel which reimagines World War I involving sorcerers soldiers. Ms. Stovall is an author and history professor from California. 325 pages Publisher: TCK Publishing Language: English ISBN-10: 1631610678 My rating for The Ethereal Squadron – 5 Buy The Ethereal Squadron from* More books by Shami Stovall* Thoughts: My interest […]

Graphic Novel Review: Batman, Vol. 7: The Wedding by Tom King

About: Batman, Vol. 7: The Wedding by Tom King (illustrated by Tony S. Daniel and Mikel Janin) is a graphic novel which culminates the story-line where Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle) are set to get married. This graphic novel collects Batman #45 – 50. 176 pages Publisher: DC Comics Language: English ISBN-10: 1401283381 […]

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