Guest Post How Could AI Technology Change the Writing World?

March 8, 2023

Writers rely primarily on themselves to create what they do. They use their ideas, their imaginations, and their direction. This is admirable and can only be praised. But we mustn’t discount technology’s assistance in so much that a writer does.

We’re talking beyond a word processor, editing tools, writing software, and a solid laptop. Modern technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), is transforming the way writers work.

Let’s dive into AI’s current place in the writing world, what we can look forward to, and how to best leverage these tools as a writer.

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What is AI and How Is It Helping?

For those that are unfamiliar, AI involves using computer science and datasets to build machines that mimic human intelligence processes. IT leaders and engineers program these machines with data so that, when prompted, they can carry out tasks humans typically do.

AI is helpful because it can take repetitive tasks off your plate, freeing you or your team up for more creative or complex tasks.

For example, people who own and operate a bookstore or another retail shop know the importance of customer service. You’ve got to answer inventory questions, manage returns and refunds, connect customers to the right people, and so forth.

As critical as these things are, they’re time-consuming. And sometimes, a whole team is necessary for managing them. That’s where AI chatbots can make a difference. Stores can pass these tasks off to chatbots on their websites and other digital channels.

Writers are becoming more fond of AI technology as well.

It’s Shaking Things Up for Writers Too

Writing requires effort, especially if you’re doing it professionally. Besides writing, you’ve got to edit. You’ve got to think about how you will market your pieces and build a writer brand. And don’t forget about continuously working on your craft to sharpen your skill set.

It’s a lot to balance. Surprisingly, AI technology is easing some of the burdens on writers.

Being a writer is essentially like running a business, and there are AI tools for many of the small business responsibilities writers face. For example, you can use AI-based graphic design tools to create book covers, logos, and packaging. An AI-based web developer can assist you in creating a website. You can also use AI-based communication tools to automate responses to fans on your website and social media.

And don’t forget about the actual writing. There are now AI content writing tools. Fiction and non-fiction writers can use them for various reasons including:

  • Developing complete stories;
  • Generating dialogue;
  • Providing research;
  • Producing language and sentence structure suggestions;
  • Developing characters and plot structure;
  • Coming up with new ideas to navigate writer’s block.

Writers choosing the right AI tools and using them appropriately are finding out just how beneficial this technology can be. However, there are legitimate concerns surrounding its use.

But There Is a Major Concern About AI Use in Writing

One of the main worries regarding AI tech is that it’s taking jobs away from writers.

So many of us freelance or rely on guest posting to make extra money. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting as many responses as you used to, AI-generated submissions may be to blame. They’re overwhelming paying and non-paying publications. So much so, they’ve had to shut down their submissions pages altogether.

This absolutely affects a writer’s ability to make money and get exposure. So, the concern is valid.

Breathe — AI Won’t Take Over Any Time Soon

Writing is inherently personal. For many of us, it comes from the heart. It also comes from our imaginations, experiences, and thoughts.

The chances of a machine mimicking your originality is slim to none. You have a unique writing style that only you can produce. Celebrate this because that’s what readers are most attracted to. In addition, many publishers and sites have put out a warning to those using AI-generated writing, stating it isn’t accepted.

The bottom line, AI tech isn’t anywhere near having the capability to put a “human touch” on writing. And that’s ultimately what gets results.

Writers Who Do This With AI Tech Will Benefit Most

There’s another problem with AI tech in writing: Many writers become dependent on it. They plug in their topic or question, generate a complete piece, and send it off without really changing anything.

This is a huge mistake because publishers and sites are becoming more aware of what AI-generated content looks like and rejecting it outright. If you’re caught sending it in, it could ruin your reputation.

Too much reliance on AI tools restricts creativity and originality. You must be at the head of your work, not AI. It’s the only way to continue getting better and build a positive reputation in the industry.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use AI technology. The key is seeing it as a partner.

For example, when you have writer’s block, plug your sentence into a tool that can help you with idea generation. Analyze these ideas and build off the one you’re most interested in. Don’t just copy it outright.

Or, let’s say you’re having trouble with your plot. You can use AI to predict what’s next based on the details you input. You can then use these predictions to guide you. It’s all about working with AI tools instead of rejecting them outright or relying on them too much.


AI technology is and will continue to change the writing world. Explore its benefits. Be mindful of its drawbacks. But make the best decision for you when choosing whether to implement these tools in your writing routine.

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Guest Post How Could AI Technology Change the Writing World?
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How Could AI Technology Change the Writing World?
Let’s dive into AI’s current place in the writing world, what we can look forward to, and how to best leverage these tools as a writer.
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