Fun Facts Friday: Edmund Wilson
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / May 8, 2020

His critique helped to interest the public in the works of Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Vladimir Nabokov, as well as establishing a new evaluation of the works of Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling

Book Review: Beaming Up and Getting Off by Walter Koenig

The book is filled with wonderful, self-deprecating humor (as is expected from any person of Jewish origin), wit and charm.  The author writes about his errors in judgement, the regrets he has for the few times (that he wrote about) acting like a “star”, he writes about the business he loves with a wink, but sadness of someone who has been through the wringer.

Guest Post: 5 Tips for Writing Best-Sellers
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / April 23, 2020

Writing a novel is certainly no mean feat – it takes a lot of time, effort, and a good deal of determination, too. Whether you are writing your first novel, your tenth, or just thinking about an idea you’ve had and whether to turn it into a book or not, you may be wondering what makes a novel a ‘best seller’. That is, what is it that catches readers attention and causes them to buy and love your book? What are the characteristics of a best-selling novel plot – if any? We’ve collated some of the most common signs of a best-selling novel for you here, so you can think about what to include (or what not to include) in your next story! Image from: Stay away from the Freytag Pyramid Plot Structure Surely we all remember the plot diagrams we had to draw in English class in school – you know, the ones where the story starts with an exposition, rises with rising action, peaks with a climax, and then has a falling action and resolution. Whilst these plot structures work well for children’s books, they’re probably not the best option for your novel in today’s publishing environment….

Book Review: The Candy Bombers by Andrei Cherny 
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / April 22, 2020

About:               The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America’s Finest Hour by Andrei Cherny  is a non-fiction account of one of America’s greatest and successful humanitarian missions. Mr. Cherny is an author, lawyer, and businessman. 640 pages Publisher: Putnam Adult Language: English ISBN-10: 0399154965   My rat­ing for The Candy Bombers — 5 Buy The Candy Bombers from* More Books by Andrei Cherny* Thoughts: The Berlin Airlift is a defining moment of the Cold War, the operation showed the people of Berlin, looked upon as enemies of America that we stand behind them. The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America’s Finest Hour by Andrei Cherny shows how the official airlift, as well as the unofficial act of dropping candy bars, shifted the views of Berliners to prefer democracy over communism. The airlift was instrumental because if showed the Germans that Americans do care about them, and that the US used all its might to help instead of destroy. Dropping candy is, in my opinion, what makes American great, a humanitarian operation done purely for altruistic reasons. I have heard of the Berlin Airlift, but never realized all the moving pieces…

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