Book Review: The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu

October 3, 2023


The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu is the second book in the War Arts Saga, following a prophesied hero, who’s anything but. Mr. Chu is a best-selling, award-winning, author, as well as an accomplished martial artist, actor, and stuntman.

  • 672 pages
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎Del Rey
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : 0593237668

Book Review: The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu
My rating for The Art of Destiny5
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I enjoyed The Art of Prophecy, the first book in the series, very much. The second book in the series continues the story in the same charming way the first did.

It’s a silly story, but full of great characters and world building and adventures galore. Jian, the protagonist of The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu, is a lovable boy, clumsily working his way in life towards being a master windwhisper. He failed to be the prophesied hero, and now has to find a new path in life.

Once again, the great fighting technique names really gave me a chuckle. Every once in a while, it was even fun to say them out loud. I can only the author walking around yelling them out to see what they sound like. It was either great fun, or pure hell.

As much as I enjoyed the previous book, I have to say that enjoyed this one a bit more. It is more character drive with excellent storytelling. To my surprise, I found the parts about Qusami, an assassin working undercover as a maid/nanny, to be the most interesting. This competent, ruthless assassin found herself enjoying in the day-to-day lives most people take for granted. The relationship between Taishi and Jian also develops. Taishi now looks at him as a lost puppy, a son and heir.

Each character has reasons for their actions which drives the storytelling. The story is filled with humor, heart, and each story-line flows seamlessly into the bigger plot and world.

This is a pretty long book, but it’s easy reading, and lots of fun. The story is imaginative and engaging, filled with vivid battles – but it’s the characters that make it worth reading.


Jian, the hero who was prophesized hero meant to kill the Eternal Khan, is now an ordinary young man trying to find his way in the world. His grumpy master, Ling Taishi, instructs him in the way of her family’s powerful war art, but he still has a long way to go. Taishi recruits elderly grandmasters who come out of retirement to train the hero.
But he’s not very talented.

Assassin Qisami is on a secret mission to protect a rich, powerful woman. Qisami goes undercover and finds comfort in an ordinary life she never had before.

Sali, an exiled warrior is being poisoned by the spirit of the Eternal Khan within her. Sali discovers she can lead her people to freedom, if the spirit doesn’t kill her first.

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The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu

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