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A few days ago I stumbled on a fascinating tweet-chat using the hashtag #bookmarket. While I’m not an active participant of that chat (I work at that time) I happen to hop on and join the conversation.

The theme was authors using social media to sell books and the question asked was whether or not authors should have a Facebook page. Public relations extraordinaire Ruth Seeley (@ruthseeley) was on hand to give advice and discuss options.

I put in my two cents saying that in my opinion Facebook pages for authors help them connect with readers who already read their books (most likely potential customers for their next one) than to pick up new customers.

The power of social media, in my opinion, is more conversational than a sales pitch. Authors who have a conversation with their fans are most likely to keep them (I know they keep me).

Several authors which I follow on Facebook are:
Steven Pressfield – interaction with his fans, not only pumping up his new book but blogs about writing, research (even on older books) and most importantly, interacts with his audience.

Ace Atkins – Again, not only posts about his new book, but pictures from book tours, writing process, blog posts of interests and interaction with his fans.

Daniel Silva – I’m not really sure if Mr. Silva is behind the computer, but the interaction is great and there is actually a community of Mr. Siva’s fans ready to answer any question. Mostly are pictures from Mr. Silva’s novel setting which start an active discussion, as well as teasers of new novels.

Steven Saylor – Not only is Mr. Saylor active on his page when he can, he actually takes the time to answer questions, post comments and not only be reactive, but active. I’ve seen readers ask Mr. Saylor a question about a novel they are reading which was published a year or two ago.

And of course, the social media grand daddy of them all, Neil Gaiman – there is a reason he’s a fan favorite, ‘nuff said.

However, I only started following these authors after I read at least one of their books, never before.

So tell me, which authors do you follow on Facebook and hwy?, What impresses you? What disappointed you?

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