Novella Review: The Perfect Defective by Clark Casey

June 25, 2012

The Perfect Defective by Clark Casey is a short story written in pulp style with jokes thrown in almost every paragraph. While the story certainly isn’t for everybody, it might appeal to mystery fans with a thick skin and humorous aptitude.

Novella Review: The Perfect Defective by Clark Casey

My rating for The Perfect Defective3

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I don’t usually read short stories, even though I read a few this year, but figured why not read The Perfect Defective by Clark Casey , I have a fondness for pulp. I had a spare hour in between books and figured… why not?

The protagonist, Jack Hannigan, is a drunkard jerk with sympathy for off colored, juvenile jokes. While the story didn’t have me roaring with laughter, I did crack a smile here and there and even a few chuckles. While I didn’t find anything in the story very offensive, I can only assume it is meant to offend, but to his credit, Jack tries to offend all.

I tried to trudge through the plot, which is purposely absurd and seems to be a vehicle to carry the jokes Jack drink himself to oblivion, have sex and then drinks some more. The blunt and sometimes coarse narrative does offer a change of pace for those of us who read a lot – and sometimes, on a hot summer day, that’s just what the mind needs.

If I built more flexibility into the rating system I would rate this book at 2.5.

Jack Hannigan is a washed up private investigator who attempts to solve an unrealistic case when Professor Durgen needs him to find his creative juice. Jack has a fondness for alcohol and takes pittance a day plus expenses – expenses include all the drinks one can muster.

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